About Us

NITE BEAMS™ was the inspiration of Mike "Tonto" Alexander. He came close to striking a runner at dusk one autumn evening ...

 The runner was not visible until Alexander's headlights finally caught the reflective stripe on the runner's shoes. It was almost too late. After that incident, Alexander researched products that would provide long-range, high visibility for runners. He couldn't find any solutions so he met with potential users before developing a prototype.

His idea was simple; place LED lights on a lightweight, long-wearing, weatherproof band, powered by a simple watch battery. Since LED lights provide bright, long-range visibility, and last up to 100,000 + hours they have proven to be the perfect choice for NITE BEAMS™ safety products. The almost instant success of the arm/leg and wristbands resulted in the development of other products!

Unlike reflective-only products, NITE BEAMS™ LED safety gear provides high and instant visibility up to 1,400 ft. or ¼ mile from the front, side or back. Our LED safety products are a must have for anyone needing LED lighting from dusk 'til dawn.

NITE BEAMS™ LED safety products are proud to be your First Choice for personal and pet Safety. Our business is about saving lives, yours and your pets!

ALERT- Please be aware there are now many knock-offs of Nite Beams products being offered at cheaper prices. The reason they are cheaper is poor quality and they will not be around to service you if you have a problem. Nite Beams is the leader in Quality, Service and Design. We have been awarded the prestigious Keep Doggie Safe Award and ATSSA (American Traffic Safety Services Association) Innovation Product of the Year in Recognition to Highway Safety. Nite Beams believes there is no short cut when you and your pet’s life depend on being seen in darker hours. Nite Beam products have been featured on NBC, CBS, ABC, USA Today Pet Magazine, Pet Product News, Pet Insight, Pet Business and numerous Highway Safety Publications. 

Meet Tonto, the CEO of NItebeam, and experience his passion for keeping you safe.