Emergency Roadside Flashing Directional Arrow



NiteBeams' emergency directional flashing arrow is visible for up to a 1/2 mile and alerts motorists to go around you. 

Every vehicle should have this  for emergencies!  Rolls up and fits easily in the glove box. The Flashing arrows are the same high-quality ones used by the Dept of Transportation. Unlike flashing taillights, the flashing chevron instructs oncoming vehicles to go around you and will not drain your vehicle battery.


  • WEATHER-RESISTANT: Holds up to all weather, add visibility when needed alerting drivers well in advance to go around you.
  • LONG-LASTING LIGHTS: L.E.D.'s have 100,000 hour lifetime, change batteries when needed.
  • HIGH VISIBILITY: 28 super bright red L.E.D.s - Visible from 1/2 mile!
  • BATTERY-POWERED: powered by (3) AA batteries.
  • 24 BRIGHT RED LED'S: creates a VISIBILITY WARNING alerting drivers
  • MAGNETIC: Attaches to any metal part of the vehicle. Turn upside down to reverse direction of flashing arrow.

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