LED Carry-All Belt

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Lightweight and expandable L.E.D pocket belt specially designed to help keep you visible. Large enough pocket to store your phone and keys, even a 16oz. bottle


  • THREE  MODES: Flashing - Constant, OFF.
  • HIGH VISIBILITY: FOUR (4) BRIGHT LED's: visible for up to ¼ mile
  • BATTERIES INCLUDED– TWO (2) 2032V Batteries
  • LONG-LASTING LIGHT: Batteries last  35-40 hrs depending on mode
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & COMFORTABLE: Adjusts easily around your waist and fits securely,
  • CONVENIENT ZIPPERED POCKET: Plenty of room for your keys, license, dog bags, etc
  • STRETCHY EXPANDABLE POCKETS- Fits all phones and even your water bottle !
  • UNISEX: These LED waistbelts are great for men and women
  • FITS IPhone8+ and XL Smartphones
  • COLORS: Black, Blue, Green, Pink bands with  LED lights

    The minute it gets dark outside press the button to illuminate yourself on those early morning or evening runs. Make yourself VISIBLE

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