Work Gloves with LED Lights



NITEBEAM's Work Gloves with LED Lights provide hands-free lighting and protect your hands. 

The lighted gloves are extremely comfortable with reinforced padded areas. The (6) six super-bright LED's on each glove illuminate your work area providing hands-free lighting.


  • SIX (6) BRIGHT LED White LIGHTS: Each glove is illuminated and lights up your work area providing hands-free lighting.
  • LIGHT MODES: Flashing & Constant Light Modes.
  • HIGH VISIBILITY: Bright yellow gloves  & lights provide 360 degree visibility .
  • USB RECHARGEABLE, LONG-LASTING LED LIGHTS – No need to worry about batteries ! Simply plug in rechargeable cord and recharge your gloves. Lights last up to 10-12, hours before needing a short 1 ½ hr. charge
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: battery pack is less than 1 oz
  • COMFORTABLE, DURABLE GLOVES- Padded gloves with reinforced areas & grip pad make them long-lasting.



Tow truck operators, Over the Road drivers and Night delivery people love these gloves.

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