Traffic Safety Baton- Multi-Function



NITEBEAM's Law Enforcement Traffic Safety Baton is the MOST VERSATILE lighted baton available.

      Five Modes; Red LED's' only, Blue LED's only, Red& Blue alternating, Flashlight and Off. The magnetic base allows baton to affix to metal and it has a belt clip or hand strap for easy carry. The end of the baton has four steel blunts that can be used to break vehicle glass in emergency situation. Secondary button is for 150 decibel alarm. 

NOTE: other LED combinations are available: 


  • HIGH-INTENSITY LED LIGHTS: emits red  & blue lights -visible for 500 meters
  • WEATHER-RESISTANT: Holds up to all weather, add visibility to those cloudy days
  • ILLUMINATION TIME: 12-15 hrs depending on light mode
  • HIGH VISIBILITY: 360-degree visibility. Visible from ¼ mile
  • MULTI-FUNCTION Can be used as a traffic baton, flashlight, crowd mover, and car safety light
  • SUPER BRIGHT LED Red & Blue Lights: Flash  Mode creates 360 visibility
  • MAGNET: Attach the light to your car or wherever you need light
  • EASY ON | OFF- Push the button to change from flashing to Flashlight again  to Off 
  • DIMENSIONS: LED Lens 13.25" + Black Handle 8.25" / Total Length 21.5 inch x Diameter 1.75
  • USB RECHARGEABLE: USB charging cord included. Charging time 1-2 hours. 
  • VERSATILE: Ideal for Law Enforcement, Security, Crowd control, Traffic control, guides, construction crews, school road-crossing, emergency alerts, any outdoor activities



This is a great product for alerting motorist during any situation you are there and can be used for directing traffic or crowds. The siren is over 150 decibels.

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