HiViz LED Hard Hat Bands



The NITEBEAMS LED hard hat light band is designed to retro fit over any hard hat and increases the wearers visibility from all directions.  If you are required to wear a Hard Hat and you work in low light situations then this band is for you. Your personal safety mandates you being seen early as possible in darker hours.


  • HIGH VISIBILITY: 10 Super Bright L.E.D’s, are visible for up to ¼ mile from any direction in darker hours
  • EASY TO ATTACH:  Affixes to hard hat with 2-way pre-installed tape on headband
  • USB Rechargeable.
  • USB charging cable included.
  • 3- Modes: Constant- Flashing- Off for daytime
  • Wear in any weather conditions
  • LED COLORS AVAILABLE with color matching bands: Green- Orange-Silver



Miners where use the different colored light bands to indicate what level they are on to their co-workers.  Rescue workers use the color coding to indicate what function they are doing, for example, tracking, walking dogs, etc.

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